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New Dimensions

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Bringing you a new dimension

Recent consolidations and acquisitions of both national and regional firms by large players in the current security industry have created tremendous opportunities for local security companies like us. We have the vision, motivation and resources to fill this void, with our core business based in Georgia. We assist our clients to capitalize on these opportunities and successfully compete on a higher level in their markets.


  •  A Strategic Growth Plan
  • Management Resources
  • Value Added Service Quality
  • Administrative Infrastructure
  • Working Capital/Equity Resources

Georgia Security Associates, LLC (GSA) is a motivated workforce while our competitors offer inferior products and "one-size-fits-all" service, we seek to understand our customer’s business-related needs and create unique service solutions that reflect these requirements. We identify the key characteristics that reflect your unique culture and the specific security needs at your site(s). We then translate these into a customized recruiting profile and behavioral interview questions that ensure a match between your organization and our security officers. This cultural match yields greater customer satisfaction, improves officer retention and loyalty, and strengthens your security program.

Companies searching for contract security services find their options limited today. In this era of security company consolidations, acquisitions and mergers, locally owned companies have disappeared. So, has the personal, customer-focused service for which they were known. Gone as well is that unique understanding of the security market that only experienced security professionals have. Impersonal service and "one-size-fits-all" solutions have become the norm, the only option.

Today, shareholders, not customers, are the chief influence on security companies’ financial and service standards. Shareholder return and the bottom line have become the driving force in the industry, while customer service and employee training and retention have taken a back seat.

Don't settle for the impersonal service, "one-size-fits-all" products, and poorly trained officers offered by the contract security industry today. Instead, choose Georgia Security Associates, LLC (GSA) the personalized service, customized solutions, and well trained and motivated personnel that only we can offer. "We can bring a new dimension to your security program, increase the safety of your facilities and, ultimately, receive the feeling of greater security and satisfaction among your own employees and visitors." 

As a contract security customer, the trends toward consolidation and public ownership truly limit your security options. In return for your security dollars, you receive inferior products, impersonal service, poorly trained officers, and high turnover. Your security program suffers, as does the safety of the people and properties you are charged to protect.

You deserve much more from your contract security provider.  You have the choice to select a security provider that understands customer service by listening to you the client, and our security officers. Georgia Security Associates, LLC (GSA) was founded to provide you with “Security you can count on”