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Why choose GSA

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At Georgia Security Associates, LLC, (GSA) all of our security officers are carefully chosen based on their level of professionalism, mannerisms, aptitude and skill. They also undergo a complete and thorough background check.

Our intensive preparation and training for the security officers ensure their ability to be employed in the corporate office buildings and reception areas. Their training encompasses hypothetical and practical work that focuses on: customer service, public relations, surveillance techniques, fire, health and safety.

Added values of using our security officers from Georgia Security Associates, LLC (GSA)are:

  • No minimum hours restriction. We can provide you with security coverage all hours, days or nights only depending on your needs. This ranges from uniformed security officers to customer service representatives or receptionist.
  • Our security officers will be suitably dressed for your work place, office building or reception.
  • We believe that image is everything and a first impression is a lasting one and each of our employees will strive to represent your company and take pride in what you do.